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Superhero Strong Brand

Okay, so your logo rocks, your product is un-flippin believable and your service is out of this world amazing. What else is there? Well it’s definitely a fabulous start, but designing a kick-ass identity is only one tiny component of delivering a superhero strong brand. A pretty logo alone won’t secure you an army of loyal customers, but hit them with hulk-like brand and you may be able to do just that.

Here are 5 supersized tips to identify and eliminate your kryptonite so your brand can soar just like superman:
1. Know your audience

To deliver greatness, you need to start with what matters most: your consumers. It’s essential your brand connects and engages with your target audience who are the main drivers of your revenue. You need to know more than just who they are, but also their emotional response to your business. The look and feel of your entire brand should be based upon how your customers feel when they are interacting with your company. What are their attitudes perceptions, needs and priorities? You may need to create a Customer Journey Map which will delve into your customer’s needs on a deeper level. Identify specific trends in your target market data and focus on them. Trying to be everything to everyone is overwhelming and not productive.

2. Define who you are

You need to lock down what your business stands for and where you are going to build a strong brand. Have a clear idea of your company’s mission, vision and values as well as your short-term and long-term goals. Why is your business better than your competitors? What can you provide that is different in the rest of the marketplace? Make your enthusiasm for your business contagious and your customers will quickly become believers as well.

3. Instil a brand culture

Every employee (as well as you!) needs to know what your company stands for inside and out. Believing in your company’s goals and values will ensure a consistent brand message – regardless of who your consumer is engaging with. Knowing your mission statement is imperative, so your team is striving towards a united, common goal. It may be useful to have a brand guideline document created to ensure everyone is on the same page.

4. Talk the talk

Develop interesting and engaging user experiences through print and online media . Keeping your brand relevant and up-to-date is harder than it sounds, but well worth the effort. Make sure you are interacting with your customers in a positive way and through the correct medium. Respond and engage via social media platforms on a regular basis.

5. Create consistency

Having a consistent brand ensures your customers can easily identify who you are and what you stand for. Your brand values should shine through in every piece of collateral your produce and every touchpoint your customer experiences. Logos, typefaces, colours and tone of voice should always remain consistent to aid recognition in a cluttered and competitive marketplace.

Apply these 5 key actions to your branding and watch your business grow like Wolverines claws. If you want to talk more about building a strong brand, creating a Customer Journey Map or designing some guidelines, email us here or call us on 07 3367 0394.

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