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Customer Journey Map

To ensure the success of your business, it is vital to have an excellent understanding of your customer and their needs. If you don’t know who they are and what they think of your company, then how are you going to create a marketing strategy that speaks to them? Your next campaign will be like throwing design darts hoping that one might reach the target. So before you start planning your next creative campaign, take some time to get the inside scoop on your customer. You can do this with a customer journey map and create a strategy that is directed at them.

We are lucky that we live in an age where a lot of this research is readily available online. There are a plethora of channels by which you can connect with your customer. These (legal) stalking methods allow you to gather personal data about who they are, their age, their gender, what their favourite ice-cream flavour is…. and the list goes on. Although a lot of this is essential target market information there is often a vital element that is overlooked – emotion.

To really get to know your customer, you need to delve deeper into their feelings and the experiences they have had with your company. In design speak we call this process, Customer Journey Mapping.

A Customer Journey Map is a wonderful visual tool that can deliver greater insight into your customer’s experiences, motivations and expectations. They are a visual representation of one customer’s journey through the different touch-points with your company. It tracks the entire user experience from first initial contact through to engagement and then to ongoing communication. It depicts the different feelings and reactions of your client as well as their emotional experience. The outcome of this process allows specific targeting of areas within your company to better your consumer satisfaction.

Here are a few tips on how to perfect the art of a Customer Journey Map:

1. Decide on the type of map you need

Customer Journey Maps can come in all shapes and sizes – just like your customer! Your map can be intensely detailed or quite simplified, depending on the size of your business and your budget. You may also have different types of customers for different products or services, so more than one map may be required.

2. Conduct the research

There are various research techniques that can be utilised to find out about your consumer. Information can be gathered through Google Analytics, social media, talking to support or sales staff members and potentially conducting customer surveys. It really depends on your budget to how much research you are willing to undertake. The best maps are based on real evidence, not assumptions, so the more research, the better it will work. You need to identify who your customers are and what they are feeling when dealing with your business.

3. Nutting it out

Developing a Customer Journey Map is often a collaborative task. It involves both you and your creative team sitting down together (hopefully over coffee and cake). It is at this stage that you should start analysing and discussing your existing research. You will also need to identify the phases of interaction of the consumer with your business. Finally, pinpoint what branding tools are needed at each touch-point.

4. Collate the information

Once you have the key findings on your customers it’s time for your designer to collate all of the information into one concise, easy to understand Map. The Map will take the form of an infographic with a timeline of your user experience which can be branded in your corporate colours and fonts.

5. Recommendation

To compliment your map, key recommendations will be developed based on the findings. These recommendations can shape your brand strategy and most importantly improve your customer’s experience.

6. Ta-done!

Your Map and recommendations are finished. High-five at a job well done and start applying this new found information to your next campaign strategy.

A Customer Journey Map is a powerful tool that can help your business succeed. It will put your customer’s needs first and demonstrate how your organisation will need to adapt in an evolving market. It will also identify potential opportunities for your business, as well as where there may be gaps. Some touch-points may be working better than others and how you can capitalise on these should be identified. Your customer may be feeling disappointed or underwhelmed with your service during a particular phase of interaction, so this can be addressed with strategic design solutions. The Map will also point out make or break moments which indicate when your interaction and service is most crucial.

Want to get the scoop on your customer? To find out more about a Customer Journey Map and how it can be of benefit to your company, call us on 07 3367 0394.

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