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It’s a question that often gets thrown around a meeting room and then quickly overlooked, mostly due to budgeting reasons or a lack of understanding of what a brand agency actually does. Investing in design is one of the most important decisions that a company can make and trusting a brand agency to uphold the integrity of the brand is paramount. Here’s a few reasons why collaborating with a brand agency really is a no-brainer….

At a glance

It’s important to pinpoint the bigger picture goal for your company and understand how all branding decisions affect that journey. A good agency takes the time to look at the company as a whole and then determine how to structure a brand strategy that helps propel the company towards their desired vision.

Creative minds

The beauty of having a brand agency on your side is the knowledge that you have an entire team of creative minds collaborating on your projects. Brand agencies are made up of all types of talented people so tap into their strategic, designer thoughts and watch your branding excel.

Same same

It might sound obvious, but it’s surprising how few companies understand the power of consistency in their branding. A brand agency can help you solidify your brand direction and put in place a visual language that will spruik your brand effectively over a long period of time.

Invest in clever

No two brands are the same and neither are their budgets. Whatever the scope of your design needs, a brand agency can help you pin-point the areas you need to focus on and deliver a prioritised plan of attack that will fit within your budget and still create impact.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

A pitfall we often see, is the launch of a new (or refreshed) brand into the market with full gusto and then the gradual dilution of the brand due to a lack of direction. A brand agency can help establish your long term strategy and orchestrate and lead the creation of a full suite of deliverables introduced to the market over time on what you do best: running your business.

Cross-pollination of ideas

One great benefit of teaming up with a brand agency is the knowledge they have gained from working across a multitude of industries and projects. When you rely solely on your internal departments, you can only learn from your own mistakes or tested methods. A brand agency is constantly trying new ways and ideas for all types of industries. So really, it’s just an added bonus that you can tap into this knowledge and see how it can work in your favour!

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