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Creating a kick-arse logo

The cost of getting a logo wrong can far outweigh the cost of hiring a good brand agency to get it right. Quality logo design is more complex than many people give it credit for. Whether you are starting a business from scratch or updating an existing brand, developing a kick-arse logo is pivotal to the success of your branding.

So what are the essential qualities of a great logo? Here are five questions to ask yourself when choosing a logo to suit your company:

1. Is it simple?

Simplicity is an artform and reaching the perfect paired back logo can take a considerable amount of time. A simple design must be meticulously planned and masterfully designed so that every line and every shape are perfect.

2. Is it relevant?

Your logo is a visual representation of your brand and values. Colour, type, symbol, spacing and application are all key factors in creating the right impression for your business.

3. Is it memorable?

Ultimately, you want people to remember your brand and save an imprint of your logo in their memory to build up loyalty over time. The most successful businesses are those who have a logo that everyone can remember and single out in a crowd.

4. Is it scalable?

Your logo should look great no matter what size you scale it to. From a huge billboard or office sign to a tiny digital ad, scalability of your logo is paramount for consistency across all media applications.

5. Is it distinctive?

Avoid creating a logo that has reference to other brands or industries. Association with other companies can be very harmful for your business. Choose a logo that is unique to your business.

Looking to mark your mark on the world? We can help you create the perfect logo to suit your business. Check out some other logos we’ve developed or contact us today and kick start your branding journey.

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