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Brand Experience

A unique and memorable brand experience creates loyalty, increases sales, supports lead generation, builds brand advocacy and makes customers feel valued. Sounds good huh?

In days gone by, brands were able to rely on the “sell and forget” method. Companies sold their product or service to the customer, the customer went on their way and no further interaction took place until the next transaction.

Times have changed.

These days, brands should be aiming for a continuous engagement with their audiences, known as a “360 degree” experience. Companies are now realising how important brand loyalty is to the growth of their bottom line. Especially in an age when the internet and social media have influenced the acceleration of the full brand experience.

So what steps can you take to improve your brand experience?

Here’s the tricky part. Brand experience is not a medium – like an advertising campaign or a website, it’s a strategy set in place to keep customers engaged with your brand through meaningful interactions. A strategy in which everyone at your company, no matter their role, must be involved to deliver a unified customer experience. The idea is to impress your customers at every point of their journey.

Three things to consider when approaching a 360 degree customer experience:

1. Walk a mile in their shoes

Customer experience design puts the customer first, above everything else. Consider the entire journey a customer undertakes when interacting with your brand and then pinpoint the areas you need to improve and where to focus your upcoming campaigns.

2. Eat. Sleep. Brand. Repeat.

When it comes to your brand message – repeat, repeat, repeat! Consistency and frequency are key. Make your message so understandable and familiar that your customers recognise your brand in an instant (and with minimal cognitive strain). Create a concise plan to start rolling out your message across all your customer touch-points.

3. Ask and you shall receive

The beauty of customer experience is that your customers hold the key to your success. If your customers are happy with their experience, they will become loyal advocates for your brand. This will help you expand your market share. Equally, if they are unhappy with their experience, they can taint your name just as easily as they can spruik it. So ask for their feedback and adjust your processes accordingly.

Are you looking to adopt some practices that will elevate your customer experience? Call us today on 07 3367 0394 or drop us an email and let us help you create the strategy that will grow your customer loyalty.

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