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Now that restrictions are easing in many states, how do businesses recover and re-connect to their customers post-coronavirus?

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. No magical solution that will suddenly take everything back to the way it was before the pandemic. The world has changed forever. Not only has the entire business landscape changed, so has the demand for different products and services. There’s been a shift in customer behaviours and needs, so now is the time to adjust your brand strategy.

Here are some tips to help you get your brand on track:

Enhance customer experience (be a human)

During such uncertain times, people are looking for help, comfort and connection. As a business, the best way forward is to approach your marketing with as much empathy as possible. Basically, try and be a decent human being and communicate with care and honesty. How can you help your customers navigate through whatever hurdles they may be facing? Now is not the time to be self-serving. Focus on the needs of your customers and think about how you can navigate change with them. Consider creating a customer journey map to pinpoint where, when and how to communicate best.

Remain relevant

It’s time to pivot or re-skin existing campaigns. Previous tactics may not be relevant anymore. A rebrand may be essential to ensure brand authenticity and trust. You may also need to rethink the way you communicate with your customers, not only through different media channels but also in your tone of voice. Be real, and start fresh with your marketing ideas.

Every dollar counts

Although budgets are likely to be tight for businesses who have seen a downturn, now is not the time to throw marketing down the toilet. In fact, research has shown through times of hardship, businesses that increased their market spend also increased their marketing share. If you don’t have funds, consider begging your financial department so you can hit the ground running. If that’s not an option, these suggestions might help you get more bang for your buck.

  • Make distinct objectives for your design collateral
  • Communicate clearly and often to your design team to avoid unnecessary concepts and changes that can blow your budget
  • Focus your energy on what you can do, and do it well, not on what you can’t. 
Plan plan plan

It’s impossible to be entirely prepared for situations such as these. Nobody could have predicted what challenges lay ahead. It’s okay to be uncertain and confused… we all are. The important thing is to be welcome to change and prepare for a staggered, flexible recovery. Your brand strategy should look to improve customer experiences, make real connections, and articulate what you’ve set out to achieve clearly and succinctly. Strategic planning will go along way to aid in your post-virus recovery.

If you need help with your brand recovery, we’re always here to help! Get in touch today.

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